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What to bring

What to bring to Ol’ Ways Farm

Alrighty, then.  I KNOW you asked and I didn’t tell you.  So I finally got around to it.  In sum:

Things you will definitely need and please bring your own but we can lend you if all else fails

Sun hat.

Rain jacket.


Boots…think ‘cowshit’ and ‘pigshit’, so wellies and hikers and even crappy sneaks are all ok.

Work gloves…you might like to plant/work dirt with bare hands, but might not like to lift heavy hay bales by their narrow strings or handle rough, sticky pulpwood with your bare hands.

Shower gel.


Dress-up clothes (see below).

Things you will definitely need and it would be really good if you had your own

Swim gear.


Girly sanitary whatnots.

Some cash!

A towel.

Flip flops or crocs or some other kind of swim-footwear (unless you’re bold barefoot).

Things you might need and if you had room (like a car) you could bring but if not, that’s ok, we’ll sort you out


Sleeping bag.



Things you might want and thus should either bring or bring cash/debit card etc for

Candy…chocolate…fancy snacks like dried fruit, granola bars, etc.

Your favorite cereal (we have PLENTY of milk but rarely buy cereal!).

Wine, beer, etc.

Any other little luxuries, such as non-basic food ingredients, fancy tea bags, fancy coffee.

Any brand-name food that you like to eat.

Nice toiletries.

Things you might want to bring


Favorite music, movie, etc.

Dress-up clothes: dress or something slinky, perhaps; heels; slick shirt; tux; whatever.  Sometimes we like to dress for dinner, sometimes we have theme parties, sometimes we go “out”.

Things you can borrow off of us (but look after ‘em or we’ll go all Les Grossman)

Farming/animal books (DON’T bend my damn spines!!).

Some fiction books.

Bicycle. (I think we have three).

Internet.  Only for a few minutes, mind, not for umpteen hours of browsing; we have a v. nice local library for that.

Phone.  Cellphone reception here is crap – give your mom our land line number, it’s ok.

Spare blankets.

Spare pillows.

Um…a tent (I think we have four).

There may well be more, but frankly? I’m currently trying to remember what I’m supposed to take when I go digging (tomorrow, at 5.30 am). 

If unsure, juuuust ask.  Ta!

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  1. Katherine Laws permalink
    May 31, 2010 2:18 am

    Two things…
    They usually don’t make hats that fit my head, my hair is too poofy. Will this be a problem?
    I have one off-black-blue suit I use for cosplay. Does that still count as dress-up clothes?

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