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Voyages of Discovery, Vermont

Gemma. Yes, that’s me. You may know me as Gem, Harry, [Dr.] Hudgell, Gemma-Jayne, Fan, Dear, or even Mrs. Anton.  I answer to all of the above.

I have many guises, so perhaps that’s why I have many names. So, what are the essentials? I guess these are some of my personas.

Mrs. Farmer Scott

As Scott’s wife, I help him run the farm, do the blogging, run the household, do the laundry, provide Enlightenment, take photos, avoid baking, clean, and most of the year spend 10 hours a day out at work. I also play [hopefully not all that wicked] stepmom to Nate and Eben and adopted mom to the assorted wunnerful kitties and idiot dogs.

Dr. Hudgell

I work locally as an archaeologist, technically as a Project Director, meaning I write up lots of reports and rarely get the chance to get dirty. We do a ton of CRM (Cultural Resource Management) work = “rescue archaeology”, including everything from Palaeoindian Native American campsites, 11,000 years old, to historic (meaning, over 50 yrs old) falling-down houses and cellarholes.  My training, though, is as a Palaeolithic archaeologist and a lithicist, mostly in South Africa.  So, I deal with human evolution, Acheulean handaxes, evolutionary psychology, and archaeological theory.  I.e., rocks and monkeys.  No dinosaurs.


I’m obsessed with beady shiny trinket things, and make my own jewelry accordingly. I teach a bit of evening class jewelry-making to old ladies, too.

Other things of note

I have a thift store addiction, love vintage style (e.g. 1920s thru 40s in particular, but that’s kind of hard to come by), have half written a novel, am a complete geek, eat [almost] anything, am allergic to team sports and competition of any description, love the color green, adore hats, have 20-20 vision but kind of wish I wore glasses, have a typical Taurean temper (and temperament), can’t run, and have had a crush on Harrison Ford since age 12 (hence, ‘Harry’. Then I became an archaeologist. Nominative determinism at work).

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