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Zillion billion things to do

April 21, 2010

Spring has arrived, and as always, there are TOO MANY THINGS TO DO. We could really use a few early wwoofers this year!!! Mud season was short, since the snow was gone by the beginning of April – normally it is still hanging around even now. Not that the cold weather is past – it did snow here at the weekend (which is why we didn’t join Elisabeth’s swimming event! Sorry for being such wussbinders, E!!!), but melted pretty quick. It’s been windy, rainy, hail-y….just the usual April weather, then.

Things have caught up with us more than usual, and I think it’s because the mud didn’t hang around. We’re not complaining – mud season sucks!! – but it does somewhat prepare you for the upcoming season; rather like my drive to work prepares me for the day at the office, since I can let off steam yelling, pissing and moaning about the drivers,  😉  and listening to Nine Inch Nails full volume to wake me up.  So, we missed swearing and moaning about the mud; the sun is [half] out, and we’re late planting our greenhouse/coldframe seeds. WHAAAT!!!! What’s more, those that did get planted have already been slept on by a cat. It’s ok – after cussin’ the cat and a bit of grovelling at the plants, I think the damage can be repaired.

Scott’s been super busy – working at trying to get the Big Grey Truck up and running….

….and then spending the rest of the time sawing and figuring out how to bundle cedar shingles.  Shingles are very much the fash around these parts, and we like ’em the natural style: bare and aged to grey. They look darn fine on an old barn. One day we hope to take off all the vinyl on the house and replace it with shingles (oops! admitted the nice red farmhouse is not natural!!! Well, WE didn’t do it…)  They’re a pretty good product, although fiddly and time-consuming; but they do use up a fair amount of odd (e.g. short) wood. And like anything we do, it all adds to the sum of the parts.

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