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Not enough hours in the day

March 20, 2010

OK, let’s start this again.

Let’s start with a question.

How the heck do people do this?!??

So, I started a blog with the intention of practicing writing; keeping up to date; etc, blah. And here it is; two months into the new year – no more posts. What’s going on?

Well, for a start, I have a full-time job. And that full-time job involves (for the large part) me sitting on my butt in front of a computer screen, and thinking, and writing. Then, I sit for two more hours (one there, one back) in the car. When I get home, Scott and the boys are busy doing chores, firewood, and general outside work, and will be until dark.  By the time I’ve unpacked my bags, made a cup of tea, cooked or aided Scott in cooking, eaten, cleaned up, and talked about the day, it’s eight thirty, if not later.  Sometimes there’s a bit of housework to be done (most of it takes up much of the weekend); sometimes I bring some work home; at least a couple of nights a week I work on preparation for one of my evening classes – which of course is at least one night a week.

Sometimes (following the time change) there’s even time to go for a walk before dark…

Walking the snowmobile trail

My option, then, at 9 pm or so, is to: write a bit of blog? or, shove over and let Scott at the internet, which will usually mean an episode of Dexter and a glass of wine before bedtime.

Don’t think this is a complaint; oh, no. I am just amazed at how much time and effort life takes up. Things have apparently gotten easier and faster in the modern world; so, why do we still spend all of our time doing so much stuff?

Is it environmentally friendly to work all hours of the day? To drive there, to use all that electricity, to use a big plastic computer, to print out all that paper? How about to do what Scott does; cutting down trees with a chainsaw and tractor?

Well, I think the point is more that everything costs so much, and we have to work so hard to have all this stuff. House, car, other car, computer, TV, DVD, phone, other phone, food, drink, treats. I know that Scott’s opinion of ‘green’ housing, for example, is that if something costs so much because it’s full of newfangled green technology, how green can it really be if you add up the hours you have to work to achieve that?

Perhaps I wish I was back in the stone age. (I am a Palaeolithic archaeologist, after all.) But then – there would be aurochs to hunt, stone tools to knap, spears to sharpen, firewood to collect, caves to paint. Things would have been simpler, no doubt, but different to what we’re used to – less luxurious. We’re used to luxury, and by luxury, I mean, clothes. Cleanliness. Lack of hunger. Solid, permanent housing. Warmth at the touch of a button. The internet, for goodness’ sake.

Anyway. My point is – we’re all busy, busy, busy, and a blog just adds to the busy busy. I shall just have to try harder to juggle my hours and get back to the writing. Scott keeps nagging me to write – it is part of my ‘me time’, after all. It’s how we met and it’s part of who we are.

Maybe I should set myself some goals! One blog a week to start with. Okay, then. Here’s my first one for this week (an admittance: I wrote it two weeks ago and didn’t finish it!!!) Please, feel free to smack me around a little bit if I don’t keep up on it.

Love y’all. x

Even if there's no time to blog, there's always time to go for walks with Lilo...

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