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Hello world!

January 10, 2010

Ok, so here it is. A new year, a new blog.

Well, just “a blog”, to be more accurate.

So, what’s this all about? Many things, I suppose. Firstly, Ol’ Ways Farm is an entity in itself a needs a blog. So much happens here, facebook definitely doesn’t seem to cut it! and besides, our personal facebooks are used more often than the farm facebook, which seems to just get used for uploading photos….essentially, though, a farm is a going concern, and it’s pretty damn interesting to note the ins and outs on a regular basis, good or bad. Think of it as a soap opera. And our diary.

Secondly, Scott is ridiculously opinionated, and I really think he needs an outlet. I’m damn sure I’LL be the one posting all the time, because his command of the English language is restricted and his typing speed is glacial…sorry, hon, it’s true!!  I’m sure we’ll come up with a way for Farmer Scott to rant, and I simply edit and publish.

Thirdly…I’m supposed to be a writer, and seriously? I don’t. Yeah, ok, so I write archaeological reports all day. That doesn’t count. I want to be able to write about my own stuff. Yes, yes…. I KNOW an archaeological analysis is totally subjective, but you know what I mean.  So, mmmn, yes, this is my New Year’s resolution: to write something, personal, regularly. We shall see how that goes…since I sit at a computer all day and am not thrilled at doing the same when I get home…

(Perhaps this will be partially dependent on my second New Year’s resolution: to get up off my ass more and MOVE.)

Fourthly…WWOOFERS! Old ones, new ones, ones who want to come, ones who come back, ones who want to spy on us when they’re not here, ones who want to keep up with other ones. This is for you – all of you. I shall say no more at this juncture.

Fifthly…friends and family. Overseas, across the country, in the next town even. You all want to know what the heck is going on all the time, and you all love getting emails and letters from me[/us] – yet I’m pretty atrocious at it. (See above comment w.r.t. “sitting on my ass all day”).  So, this way, you can all keep up with us whenever the heck you like!

List of basic reasons aside, I guess I have one particular influence to thank, and that’s Jennay: Jennay (as we know her: you see, Scott is Forrest Gump) was one of our wwoofers, and perhaps made us the most proud. Yes, we’ve had a good selection of fantastic wwoofers who were all excellent workers and moreover, have become good friends (the Wacks; the Witches; Eminem; etc etc – you all know who you are!!), but Jennay kind of stood out for the personal turnaround. I guess you’d just have to read her blog of her visit to see what I mean: .  More than that, though, I think Jennay has a huge college workload and a rich social life, and still manages to produce a damn good blog that made me feel a little ashamed…I spent my spare time in MY college years getting drunk! How dare I call myself a writer? Suffice it to say that I thought it was about time to get my ass in gear.

So, people, here it is. The first post to the first blog of Ol’ Ways Farm, aka Scott and Gemma’s Cluster****. I’ll be taking bets on how long I actually manage to keep this up.


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  1. January 10, 2010 12:41 am

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